Sound System Studios has an extensive inventory, covering a wide range of applications.

Please send us an email or give us a call for a tailored quote for your event. 


-Inventory includes but is not limited to the following-


Drum kits: Pearl Masters, Pearl Vision, Pearl forum.


Cymbal packs: Zildjian A custom, Zildjian K series, Zildjian ZBT


Bass Amplifiers: Ampeg SVT3pro, Ampeg PF-500, Genz-Benz GBE.

Bass Cabinets: Ampeg HLF, Ampeg HE, Genz-Benz XB

Guitar Combos: Fender Twin (68 custom), Fender Twin (red knob evil), Fender Hotrod deluxe (tweed), VOX AC30, Orange Crush30, Peavey Bandit 112

Guitar Amplifiers: Mesa Boogie single rectifier, VOX VT100 Eminar PA100

Guitar Cabinets: Orange PPC412 (black), Orange PPC412 (Orange), Marshall JCM800 lead 4x12


-Inventory includes but is not limited to the following-


Pioneer Nexus kit one: DJM900nx2, CDJ2000nx2, CDJ2000nx2

Pioneer Nexus kit two: DJM900nexus, CDJ2000nexus, CDJ2000nexus

Pioneer Nexus kit three: DJM900nexus, CDJ2000nexus, CDJ2000nexus

Technics 1200mk2 ( we currently stock 4 units)

Pioneer DJM700


Pioneer DJM650

Rolling DJ riser on locking caster wheels. (900mm high with a 2400x600 deck)

PA Production

We stock multiples of the listed models below.


Powered speakers-

QSC: KW181 (18"subwoofers), KW122, K10, K12, K10.2


Passive speakers-

Quest QM112mp


EV Deltamax DML1152

Martin Wavefront W8C

Passive Subs-


EAW 18' W-bin 

Martin design 2x18

BSS omnidrive compact

Dynacord DSP260

DBX Driverack 260


Crest CA9

Crest CA12

Crest pro 9200
Crest pro 8200

Lab Gruppen 10000q

Audio Consoles-

Allen & Heath SQ6

Allen & Heath GLD80

Allen & Heath  QU24

Allen & Heath MixWizard mk3

Allen & Heath  Zed12FX

(many 4, 8, 12 channel analog desks also available).

Lighting, Stage & Rigging

Lighting inventory includes but is not limited to:


LED Par64 cans RGB 

Par 64

Par 56

1.2k Pacific Fresnel 

1.2k Pacific Profile
Effect Lighting such as moving heads, lazers, hazers, smoke machines and strobes also available.

LSC ePac 12 channel 3 phase dimmer rack

LSC Ipro 12 channel 3 phase dimmer rack

Jands 4pac-D

LSC maxim 24

Jands Stage 12/24 

Up to 15x 2x1m locking decks at 600mm height. 1t rated each. 


300mm CLS tri Truss

Winch up stands and slings included.